Busy, busy, busy…..

Busy, busy, busy…… more than half the year gone and I can still taste the Christmas pudding!  I have nor written many blogs this year; I was faced with a simple dilemma, do the work that would be the basis for the blogs, or just write about what I hoped to be doing. There was no real choice but to get stuck into the work. It has been an extraordinarily busy year. A new story just going into edits. The release of my first non fiction book and a string of London exhibitions, in combination with the promotion of the aforementioned. Other work has included, the start of my next non-fiction book and a new side to the art, the development of my photography.

Photography was a hobby of mine years ago, messing about with my father’s old Pentax was fun. Sadly photography has been a functional thing for me over the past few years. I have either taken photographs just good enough to produce art work from, or I have depended on others to provide the pictures I use for art work. I am not sure what prompted me to take the taking of pictures more seriously; maybe it was a desire to lift my game artistically? But whatever it was I have really got involved. I have converted a section of the studio into a photographic area, invested in a new camera, new lights and all the paraphernalia associated with taking pictures.


Rather uncharacteristically I even took some tuition, a refresher course with a photographer friend of mine who reminded me of some of the fundamentals, shutter speeds, and aperture settings and that kind of thing. Having had a play and I have to say it has been rather a steep learning curve. I have done my first couple of photo shoots and if you will forgive the rather self-congratulatory statement, the initial results have been rather encouraging. Some of the images I have done have been of the boudoir variety and I have to say I enjoy that kind of art.


Not totally sure what direction it is going to take, though I suspect and hope it will be a little out of the ordinary.


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