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Beauty is a subject I feel passionately about; is a very subjective term and I do not feel that there is any place for absolutes, or confined to a narrow stereotype, the exclusive domain of the young and athletic.  Beauty is all around us every day, in the faces and bodies of both young and old.  I believe it transcends cultures, religions, Ethnicity and social status. This book is comprised of the collective thoughts of more than sixty contributors from all of walks of life and from many backgrounds with a rich variety of life experiences.  Featured are: academics, artists, models, dieticians, therapists, photographers, writers, health workers, designers, people with disabilities and people from alternative   lifestyles.   Some are funny, some serious and some will move you deeply.

In essence, I hope this book will be a celebration of the human form in all its wondrous shapes and sizes, a myriad of unique diversity and fascinating individuality.  I also want to reflect the diversity of opinions I have encountered on my travels putting this book together.


Black Velvet Seductions

Richard first joined Black Velvet Seductions, as a cover artist, producing original artwork and graphic designs for many of their covers.  He has produced 85 covers to date.  As an author he has four erotic fiction stories in print.  His first story, The Anniversary, was published in 2006 in The Crimson Z, a paranormal anthology.  The Key was published on the web in 2007 as a part of Black Velvet Seduction’s Valentine’s Day celebration.  His third story, Temporally Yours, was published in 2008.  His fourth story, In the Driving Seat, was first published in 2009 and republished in the anthology, Spanked!, in 2010.

Current writing includes fictional stories, The Trainer and Firm Hand Luke, and a non-fiction book entitled Beauty in Every Form.  All his writing is available for purchase from Black Velvet Seductions and Amazon.


Temporally Yours and The Key

The Crimson Z